VPN.ac Review: Is It Worth Buying? 2024

VPN.ac might seem like any other VPN available in the market at first. But, it is superior to many on various fronts. Founded in 2102, this Romanian-based VPN has given tough competition to one of the most notorious VPNs. 

 This is an honest VPN ac review that tries to determine whether it is worthy of your trust and money. Before anything else, let’s try to have a look at its evident pros and cons. 

 Now, let’s dive deep into the details.

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What is VPN.ac?

Operated by Netsec Interactive Solutions, VPN.ac is a VPN that came into being in 2012. 

This server claims to offer services for all the major platforms. There are VPN ac Android and iOS apps that work amazingly fine.

For browsers, its SecureProxy extension is available. It is available to use in 20+ countries. It offers 21 VPNs and 32 SecureProxy to its customers.  

Payment Processing: Supports Bitcoin, PayPal, Credit/Debit cards, the voucher/prepaid card, and many other options
Starting Price: $3.75 per month
Simultaneous Connection: Up to 12 devices
Apps: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android
Money-back guarantee: Yes, 7-days

How Good Is Its Privacy and Logging Policy?

When you use a VPN, paying attention to its privacy and logging policy is crucial as it explains how good that VPN is at keeping you safe and sound.

As per the privacy and logging policy mentioned on the website, E-mail addresses, payment information, and IP addresses are the details that are saved by VPN ac privacy.

Besides, VPN ac saves your real IP addresses and the duration of logged sessions in its database. 

Is VPN.ac Safe to Use?

As far as security is concerned, VPN ac is backed up with some decent features and offers  Elliptic Curve Cryptography, obfuscation, the innovative WireGuard technology , and various other kinds of encryption.  

It has an in-built kill switch to keep your connection safe once a public connection drops. It has high-end security encryption. VPN.ac doesn’t use an outdated security protocol like PPTP. You will be enjoying the OpenVPN protocol in combination with 256-bit AES encryption. Another choice is the  L2TP/IPsec protocol 

 AES 128-GCM with 4096-bit RSA certificates  is what you will experience with its SecureProxy browser extension. VPN.ac uses self-hosted servers, which means there is no third-party involvement. There is no VPN ac sharing a connection with other network users, which helps you offer robust security.

The double-hop connection lets you switch connections easily, quickly, and hassle-freely.  

We also performed DNS and IP leak tests. Gladly, it passed all these tests with flying colors. We spotted zero DNS and IP leaks in the process.  

As per the details mentioned on the website, no port forwarding and split tunneling facilities are available.   

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Does VPN ac prevent WebRTC Leaks?

WebRTC leak is a vulnerability that can reveal the IP address while using a VPN. It is a hazard to your VPN ac privacy and security if possessed by it. We checked VPN.ac for this lead as well, and gladly, it passed this test as well.     

How fast is VPN.ac?

Speed-wise, VPN.ac is excellent. In our study, we figured it out as one of the fastest VPNs available. Most of the servers offer good speed at the beginning of the connection. If you choose any nearby or local server, then the downloading speed will be blazing high.   

However, you can experience a slight speed decrease when you load them down. We performed a speed test on the Netherlands and US servers. Here are the results.

Speed US Server Netherlands Server
Ping( ms) 115 33
Download(Mbps) 58.53 90.22
Upload( Mbps) 25.60 48.76

How Does VPN.ac Work?

Along with this, you can switch between servers quickly and effectively. Select the server, and the app will lead you there in a blink of an eye. 

VPN.ac servers

The modus-operandi of VPN.ac is very much similar to any other VPN. You need to download the app or browser extension (like Chrome or Firefox) to use it and buy the subscription.

Once the subscription is activated, you need to select the server location and get connected. That’s it. The VPN will be at your service. 

Does VPN.ac Unblock Netflix?

Sadly, VPN ac Netflix isn’t a thing, as VPN.ac doesn’t unblock Netflix. We tested many servers, and not a single one could unblock Netflix. Considering what famed VPNs like ExpressVPN offer, it is far below average. You can’t even access BBC iPlayer, Hulu, etc., with it.

Is VPN.ac Good For Torrenting?

If you are eyeing torrenting, you will be glad to know that VPN.ac supports P2P activities and is suitable for torrenting. You can easily download large files like movies, games, music, or any other file. However, this facility is available on limited servers. You can’t use any of its servers for the torrenting facility. 

Can You Use VPN.ac for Gaming?

Considering the high ping speed, VPN.ac is good for gaming alongside other VPNs. We tried its US server to play hefty games like War of Cry, Brothers in Arms, PUBG, and many others. We enjoyed the games without any glitches. Ping speed was quick and hassle-free. So, you can use it for gaming. 

Pricing and Compatibility

There are four options to choose from. Its one-month subscription will cost $9/month. Comparatively, it is the most expensive option as longer subscriptions are cost-effective options. 

For instance, you can save $ 1 monthly if you choose its 3-month subscription, which costs $24. More savings will be on your way if you pick a 1-year subscription. It is around 11% cheaper than the other option. Its cost is $ 58 in total.

The best deal is a 2-year subscription, which costs $90. As per this price tag, your monthly expenses are only $3.75 per month. If you use VPN frequently, then this is the best deal. Overall, VPN.ac offers excellent value for money and a decent feature suite. 

The compatibility of this VPN is also very impressive. You will get dedicated Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux app support. Exclusively, there is a SecureProxy browser add-on for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

vpn.ac compatibility

At times, the VPN ac Android app has a bugged performance, and updates are not frequent. Similar kinds of issues have been figured out in VPN ac for Windows 10, VP Nac tablet, and other app support as well. 

How Good Is Customer Support?

While its speed and features are impressive, we figured its customer support was a bit slow and sluggish. There is no live chat or calling facility. The only way to contact them is through the ticketing-based customer system. 

We filed a complaint, and it took time to get resolved. Instant and quick response is not available.


VPN.ac is a decent VPN for Windows and other platforms. Although it’s not the best app to unblock geo-blocked content on platforms like Netflix, BBC, iPlayer, and so on, its high speed and security features are impressive. That’s why we recommend this VPN. 

And here we summarized the main pros and cons:

✔️ P2P and torrenting capabilities ✘ Not the best app for unblocking Netflix
✔️ Blazing speed on local servers  
✔️ Bug-free performance   
✔️ Military Encryption  

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Is VPN.ac legal to use?

Using VPN.ac is a legal activity. It is a Romania-based VPN that is in a safe jurisdiction. It is located outside the 5-eyes, 9-eyes, and 14-eyes security alliance and is not imposed by specific laws and regulations. 

Does VPN.ac work in China? 
Where are the VPN ac servers hosted?


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