DraftKings VPNs That Will Not Disappoint You At All

For any sports fanatic, DraftKings is a familiar name as the platform allows sports lovers to test their wits by playing games online. You can have your hands on various fantasy sports games, build a team, and earn money.

Being on DraftKings is thrilling by all means possible. See this Twitter user expressing his thrill.

Being on DraftKings - a Twitter comment

But does everyone have the privilege of experiencing the thrill?

Sadly, not! The platform is available in very few locations outside the US. In fact, it’s even blocked in many leading US states. For instance, you can’t access the platform if you belong to Alabama, Washington State, and Arizona. So, what’s the way out here if you don’t want to miss the fun and thrill just because you stay where DraftKings is not available?

Well, don’t lose heart. There is always a way, and here, the way is to use a VPN for DraftKings. It is an intelligent choice, as one tool can help you fix tons of DraftKings issues.

To know all of them, read the post.

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DraftKings Blocked/Banned/Restricted – Why Is It so?

DraftKings, as we all know, is a leading online hub for fantasy sports quizzes and games. As the players can build their teams and arrange tournaments, DraftKings gives them real-time experience. All the top premium leagues, like PGA, NFL, NHL, and many more, are part of this platform.

DraftKings Blocked - a Twitter comment

But, there is a hidden aspect of this game and its indirect gambling. Yes, some gambling is involved in DraftKings, which is the main reason behind the ban or restrictions imposed on this game. Not many countries allow online gambling. Hence, they block DraftKings.

It’s not just the gambling aspect that has drawn criticism. DraftKings has also been accused of promoting ill practices like online betting, leading to its prohibition in certain countries. Licensing restrictions further contribute to the game’s ban.

In some countries or locations, users can use the platform in a restricted form. For instance, they can build a team but can’t sell them or bet on the competition.

Yes, some gambling is involved in DraftKings, which is the main reason behind the ban or restrictions imposed on this game. Not many countries allow online gambling. Hence, they block DraftKings.

Some countries find the platform promoting ill practices like online betting and stop it. Licensing restrictions are also prevalent reasons behind the ban on DraftKings.

In some countries or locations, users can use the platform in a restricted form. For instance, they can build a team but can’t sell them or bet on the competition.

Why Do You Need a VPN for DraftKings?

No matter the reason, the feeling of being unable to access DraftKings is not good if you’re an online sports competition aficionado. So, what’s the way out here? Try a DraftKings VPN, and it will help you solve DraftKings accessibility-related issues.

VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a tool that one can use to change the actual IP address, which is the foundation of geo-restrictions on DraftKings.

The platform is accessible only in US states and outside the US where gambling is allowed. If people in those locations need to access the platform, they need to be physically present in states where DraftKings is allowed, basically in the US or UK (the UK VPN).

Using a VPN for DraftKings, anyone can connect to a US or UK server anywhere. Once that happens, you’re allowed to access DraftKings from the location of your choice. But that’s not the only help you get from the best DraftKings VPN.

You must hide your online activities if you want to access the DraftKings website from a restricted location. If the concerned government finds out you’re playing a banned game, you can be held accountable for breaking the law.

As you use a VPN connection, you get the power of encryption. Your traffic becomes fully encrypted, and no one can determine what you’re up to. You even get IP leak protection. So, as you access the DraftKings website, your identity remains fully protected.

One can lose track of time as you play tournaments on DraftKings websites. People with limited bandwidth will have a tough time as they won’t be able to play competitions for very long. With quality VPNs, you even get unlimited bandwidth. You can play fantasy sports online without hesitation when there is no data cap.

A DraftKings VPN is an excellent choice as you want to unblock the DraftKings sports book while protecting your online identity.

How to Use VPN to Unblock DraftKings?

You don’t have to be a tech whiz to use a VPN for DraftKings. Most premium VPNs come with pre-integrated native apps that demand significantly less setup and installation.

Wondering about how to use a vpn for DraftKings? Follow these steps:

  • A reliable VPN like NordVPN.
  • Set up an account and get a reliable subscription.
  • Get the app on your device.
  • Connect to a suitable server.
  • Access the DraftKings website and enjoy.

Choose the Best VPN for DraftKings

If you want to enjoy sports betting on DraftKings Fantasy Sports without restrictions, the only way out is to use the best VPN for DraftKings.

Wondering what makes any regular VPN the best and most reliable VPN for DraftKings?

Well, the best DraftKings VPN inherits a few traits. Let’s learn more about them.

  • An extensive and far-reaching VPN server network – Seamless bypass DraftKings location blocks are possible when the VPN at work has multiple servers spread worldwide. Most importantly, some servers should be in regions with no restrictions on sports betting and DraftKings Fantasy Sports.
  • High-speed servers with low ping – Having dedicated servers in the UK and the US is not enough. An ideal DraftKings VPN should have servers offering excellent speed and low ping. You will not deal with latency with high-speed servers while playing games online. Low ping will result in high response as you participate in online games or tournaments.
  • Premium-grade security – To ensure you’re not in trouble while unblocking DraftKings, you need to pick a VPN with high-grade security features like no IP leak, military-grade encryption, an automatic kill switch, and no data logging. With all these features, you will have ultimate peace of mind as no one will be able to find out that you’re accessing DraftKings Fantasy Sportsbook despite the ban or geo-restrictions.
  • Dedicated VPN app for leading devices – Of course, you don’t want to be glued to one device to access the DraftKings website. Sometimes, you want to make sports betting from a laptop or a tablet. So, you need a VPN that can work with all the leading devices. This way, you will enjoy seamless access to the sports betting website while making zero compromises on your online security.

You won’t face troubles like this DraftKings VPN Reddit user if you keep these things in mind:

DraftKings VPN - a Reddit user's comment

Best VPNs to Unblock DraftKings

nordvpn fr2

We tested thousands of VPNs to find out which ones are actually worthy of your time & efforts. Gladly, these 6 VPNs performed best in our tests related to DraftKings sportsbook vpn and more:

USPs: Highly affordable DraftKings VPN with a sizable number of US-based servers with features like a kill switch, dedicated IP addresses, native apps for multiple devices, unlimited bandwidth, and low ping.

USPs: A new entrant in the VPN industry with dedicated US servers, an automatic kill switch that protects IP addresses, and great customer support.

USPs: Winning hearts with its 45-day money-back guarantee, vast server network, reliable encryption, and great speed.

USPs: Powerful VPN for DraftKings with features like a kill switch, streaming optimized servers, simultaneous connection, and IP leak protection.

USPs: Enjoy buffer-free streaming, unlimited bandwidth and data, RAM-only servers, and multi-hop capabilities.

USPs: Anonymous payment, 30-day money-back guarantee, and protocols like WireGuard, IKEv2, or OpenVPN.

The table (below) will help you know these VPNs better.



Privado VPN





Our Ranking














Streaming Optimized Servers







Countries Served







US Server





Log Keeping







Obfuscated Servers







Free Trial







Encryption Used

AES with 256-bit keys

256-bit encryption.

AES 256-bit cipher with a 4096-bit RSA key and SHA256 for authentication

4096-bit CA, AES-256-CBC encryption, and TLSv1.2

256-bit AES encryption and 128-bit AES encryption

256-bit advanced encryption

Simultaneous Connections







Native App Support for Laptop, smartphones, and PCs







Play DraftKings with VPN on Your Device

In general, the DraftKings website is easily accessible from devices like tablets, PCs, and smartphones. Hence, you can play DraftKings Fantasy Sports on all these devices. But you need the protection of a VPN on all these devices if you’ve to fix DraftKings location blocks to play it. Here is a quick guide on installing NordVPN on all these devices and playing DraftKings from anywhere.

Set up NordVPN On Windows

If you’re using a Windows-based laptop or PC, this is how you can set up NordVPN on your device.

  • Download the VPN app for Windows on your laptop/PC.
  • Go to Downloads and search for the NordVPNInstall file.

Go to Downloads and search for the NordVPNInstall file - Windows setup

  • Open the file and follow the setup instructions.
  • Once the app is fully installed, log in and set up your NordVPN account.

Once the app is fully installed, log in and set up your NordVPN account

  • Select a server of your choice and enjoy.

Select a server of your choice and enjoy - Windows NordVPN set up

5 Best VPN Software for Windows in 2024

Set up NordVPN On Android

  • Go to the Google Play store on your Android tablet or smartphone after paying for the applicable subscription.

Go to the Google Play store on your Android tablet or smartphone after paying for the applicable subscription - NordVPN setup on Android

  • Get the app and finish the setup.
  • Login to your NordVPN account.

Login to your NordVPN account - NordVPN on Android setup

  • Use Quick Connect to find a suitable server. You can also search for US servers and connect to them.

Use Quick Connect to find a suitable server - NordVPN on Android setup

  • Open DraftKings and start betting.

5 Best VPN for Android That Work in 2024

Setup NordVPN on iOS

Search for the NordVPN app and download it - NordVPN on iPhone setup

  • Finish the setup and login to the NordVPN account.

Finish the set-up and login to the NordVPN account - NordVPN setup on iPhone

  • Before you connect to a server, allow the app to change VPN settings.

Before you connect to a server, allow the app to make VPN setting changes - NordVPN setup on iPhone

  • Select the UK or US server.

Select the UK or US server - NordVPN setup on iPhone

  • Unblock DraftKings and start sports betting.

5 Best VPN for iPhone That 100% Work in 2024

How to Access DraftKings and Play It from Anywhere

To play DraftKings, you must be present virtually or physically in a few US states like New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Colorado, Arkansas, etc.

If you’re not physically present in any of these locations, the best way to access DraftKings from anywhere is to use a VPN and connect to a VPN server located in any of these DraftKings-friendly states. This way, you can play DraftKings Fantasy Sports from anywhere.

Here are the steps you need to follow to establish a VPN connection from the location of your choice and unblock DraftKings with a single click:

#1 – Get a reliable VPN with US and UK-based servers. NordVPN is a preferred choice as it has over 1900 servers in the US in 15 locations.

nordvpn logo

#2 – Get a suitable subscription from multiple options offered.

Get a suitable subscription from multiple options offered - NordVPN setup

#3 – Decide which device to open a DraftKings account and play the tournaments. NordVPN supports almost all the leading devices like laptops, mobile phones, computers, gaming consoles, etc.

nordvpn devices

#4 – Download the respective app and complete the setup. Mostly, the setup is a one-step job.

#5 – Once the VPN app setup is finished on the device, open the app and connect with a server where DraftKings is accessible. Mostly, we recommend you try a US or UK server.

#6 – Open the DraftKings website and enjoy. It doesn’t matter from which part of the world you belong physically. The NordVPN app has now made you virtually present at a location with no restrictions on DraftKings Fantasy Sports. So, you are good to go.

DraftKings not Working with a VPN?

Even if you do due diligence and do everything right, you can find your DraftKings VPN down or non-functional. If that’s what is happening, the key culprits for the DraftKings VPN error could be –

  • IP address leak
  • Use of blocked IP addresses
  • Connectivity to the wrong VPN server
  • IP address spoofing to the wrong location.

When any of the above happens, your DraftKings VPN will become helpful, and you won’t be successful in your journey to unblocking DraftKings. So, you need to fix these issues. Well, you can do this with the help of the below-mentioned DraftKings VPN troubleshooting tips.

  • Connect to a different browser
  • Check if too many cookies or cache data are here. If it’s there, you need to clear them out.

This Reddit user suggests the same solution.

DraftKings VPN troubleshooting tips - a Reddit comment

  • Ensure you’re connecting to a VPN server where DraftKings is fully accessible and gambling is allowed.
  • Check if there is any IP leak happening.
  • If nothing works, you need to try a different VPN that is compatible with DraftKings and meets the quality criteria.

Can You Use a Free VPN to Unblock DraftKings?

Often, people get carried away with the word ‘free’ and don’t think twice about using free resources. But, a free VPN is something that will mostly disappoint you.

Most of the free VPNs have bad reputations for apparent reasons. You don’t get a vast server network, robust security, great customer support, multiple device support, and all the other must-haves with a DraftKings VPN.

The worst is that a free VPN for DraftKings may keep the user logs and sell them to 3rd parties. Would you like to sell your data without knowing it and getting paid for the data? Of course not. But this will happen for sure if you use a free DraftKings VPN.

For any VPN to work on the DraftKings website, three things are essential:

  • Dedicated US or UK servers in states where the DraftKings website is not banned.
  • Low ping speed so that you can play tournaments without any latency.
  • The high-end security features like IP leak protection, military-grade encryption, server switches, and no log servers so that your activities are not visible to others.

None of this comes with any free VPN. Hence, it is not worth your time and effort. Only paid VPNs can do the work and efforts that unblocking the DraftKings platform demands. But, the cost can be a problem for someone who doesn’t want to invest much in this.

So, our recommendations are paid VPNs with a free trial and a money-back guarantee. This way, you don’t have to risk your money at once. Take your time, test the VPN, and become a regular customer only if you’re satisfied with the performance.

If you don’t like the VPN, you can claim your money according to the provided money-back guarantee. Our top picks, like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, have a very friendly money-back guarantee and generous free trial. You can start your VPN journey with them.

Both are equally good. However, ExpressVPN can be a costly affair for many. NordVPN offers almost similar and even more than what ExpressVPN offers features at a far more affordable cost. Hence, this is a far wiser choice if you want to unblock DraftKings while saving a considerable amount of money.


When gambling regulations and laws are concerned, our hands are tied. But a DraftKings VPN can help you bypass DraftKings location blocks and enjoy the game without restrictions. However, not any random VPN will do the job. ‘DraftKings Fantasy Sports blocked’ is the last thing a sports lover wants to face. Eventually, many of us get this message, willingly or unwillingly.

You need virtual private networks with capabilities like dedicated IP addresses, robust encryption, multiple device support, and many more. We just shared some of the best VPNs for you. They are all worth a try. Go ahead, try them, and enjoy Fantasy Sports in full swing.

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Can you use VPN for Draftkings?

Yes. If you are using a secure and feature-rich VPN, playing DraftKings utilizing a VPN is a good idea. People living in countries where this game is restricted or betting is banned have even more reasons to use a VPN to access DraftKings.

Does VPN Work for Draftkings?
Can I use a VPN to bet on DraftKings Fantasy Sports?
Is it illegal to use a Virtual Private Network to gamble?


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