TouchVPN Review 2021: Is It Safe to Use?


VPN is the only way that will help you have a secure, anonymous, and geo-restriction free gaming, browsing, and streaming experience. You can easily find out the viability and significance of VPN by the fact that 25% of the internet users rely upon it for better connectivity. 

At present, there are tons of VPN available. Touch VPN is amongst one of them. Just Google about it and you will find out loads of content available about it. But, how reliable is it? You need to know the reality. Here, we are presenting you with an honest review of it.

What Is TouchVPN? 

Touch VPN is a cost-free VPN with in-built support for iOS, Android, and various other platforms. It is a member of US-Five-eyes with 5900 servers in 90+ countries.  

Most of its servers are located in Europe and North America. It offers enough connectivity in places like Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, etc. 

There is no data limit and one can get started without any lengthy registration. It claims to offer good quality speed across multiple locations. Till now, it has a record of over 10 million Android downloads. The numbers are high, right?

But, is this the reality? Can any free VPN please anyone at every front? 

This is what we are going to find out in this review. We have assessed it on factors like:  

  • Features  
  • Compatibility
  • Security
  • Streaming and tormenting ability
  • Speed

So, let’s get started and find out how good it is. 

Does TouchVPN Work? 

Touch VPN has gained considerable attention. Being a free VPN, it attracts loads of attention in the first place. As far as its functionality is concerned, it knows how to do its job. However, its operations won’t be that much secure. Sometimes, it’s a tough task to use and getting ready with a VPN.

How to Use Touch VPN

Step 1: Visit the official website of Touch VPN to get the desired application.

You can easily get it for Mac, Windows, and mobile phones (Android and iOS). Many TouchVPN mac reviews exist to help you understand how it works and performs for Mac users. You will also find enough tutorials to learn how to set up TouchVPN on mac.

Step 2:  Click on the “Download “section and find the application that you need.

Before moving any further, just read the company’s Terms & Conditions carefully. Agree to them if you find them sensible.

Step 3: Once you agree to them, Touch VPN ’s auto-downloading will start. To complete this process, you need to create an account using a username and password.

After successful completion of all these steps, the next thing is to get connected with any of the VPN offered by Touch VPN. 


You can never expect to get amazing features from a totally free product, and it’s the same with VPNs. Touch VPN is a basic, free VPN service that’s easy to use and offers some anonymity online (emphasis on “some”). 

There is no dedicated and automated kill switch facility available. Even, DNS Leak protection feature is also absent. The only available feature is Mobile app support. Alongside this, it has very common SSL encryption. There is nothing extraordinary features and facilities with TouchVPN.

As far as the servers go, Touch VPN doesn’t specify how many servers it has, nor how many IP addresses it offers. Don’t expect the number to be very high. Your server locations will depend on your device. If you’re a Windows user, you’ll have access to the highest number of servers.

The Chrome extension offers just 7 locations: US, UK, Canada, Russia, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Unfortunately, Touch VPN doesn’t provide any coverage in South America and Africa. 

Is TouchVPN Safe to Use? 

The very first thing that one might look at on a VPN is its ability to keep you safe while you browse, download, or stream using it. So, it is essential to know about safety even before you ask how to use TouchVPN.

To provide you the honest Touch VPN review Chrome, we took a closer look at all the online security protocols that it takes.

That being said, there are incidents of DNS leak and possible viruses crawling inside your device. We did a couple of DNS leak tests and it failed the majority of the time. To make things worse, there is no automatic kill switch facility. Hence, your IP and other crucial details will be leaked most commonly.



What good would a VPN do to its clients if there are DNS leaks and no kill-switch?  Honestly speaking, it is not a very good choice when security and privacy are concerned.

It also keeps logs. All these things made us conclude that Touch VPN has very poor security and can create tons of nuisance for you. You can go for it if you’re ready to face the recursions of poorly secured VPN. 

Is TouchVPN Free? 

You will be glad to know that yes, Touch VPN is free. It doesn’t cost a single penny to get connected with other servers. However, security will always remain a concern. It’s that at all secure. Other than that, it does a good job at various other fronts to begin a free server.

If you want, you can invest in Touch VPN by donating. You will not receive any additional features of benefits if you decide to do so. 



The paid version also claims to provide better speed, faster connection, and upgraded support. You will also get coverage for a maximum of 5 devices.

Seeing the offerings and prices, we conclude that it is overpriced. Windscribe will only charge you one-third of its cost and offers more features and facilities.

Speed Test and Performance 

Both upload and download speeds were astonishing with Touch VPN.

It quickly allowed me to reach speeds well over 50Mpbs for both upload and download, so this is a big plus for this free VPN. As with any free product, however, there were some inconsistencies, and the connection was slow at times. That was all easily fixed by reconnecting. 

The biggest problem with Touch VPN’s speed and performance is the latency.

The best ping time is around 20ms, and it can go much worse than this. If you were planning on joining an online game through Touch VPN, you’de better choose other VPN providers for gaming.

In general, TouchVPN performs adequately, but the occasional poor speeds and latency aren’t worth it. 

We did the speed tests of Touch VPN on different locations and here are the snippets of our findings:

  • The average download speed with Touch VPN is 40 Mbps. You will experience around 20-speed loss with Touch VPN. 
  • In the USA, you will experience nearly 30Mbps download & 28Mbps upload speed. The speed in Germany is too poor. 
  • We got only 3Mbps download & 3Mbps upload speed which is nearly zero. In the Netherlands, the download speed is 25.04 Mbps.


You can use Touch VPN on any device that supports the PPTP protocol. This includes most smartphones, tablets, PCs, and even routers and game consoles. If you have a Windows device, an Android, or an iPhone, you can easily use this VPN.

However, it doesn’t support Macs, so you’ll need to find another Mac-compatible VPN. 

It also offers an extension for Chrome and you will find many TouchVPN review chrome on the internet. It lacks big time when it comes to compatibility with gaming consoles or smart TVs as it doesn’t support them. Most of the apps are easy-to-install and use. However, be ready to see so many ads in between.

Security: Encryption and Protocols 

One of the most significant issues I’ve found with touch VPN is precisely security. Touch VPN uses the PPTP protocol, which is outdated and considered to be the least secure protocol available. It’s effortless to crack, and the only benefit of this protocol is that it allows the VPN to be a bit faster, that’s all. 

The SSL encryption provides adequate security, and it’s among the most popular types of encryptions, but it can still be very much improved upon. 

There are no additional security features that’ll you’ll encounter with Touch VPN. There’s no kill switch, and it’s always evident that you’re using a VPN. 

So, is Touch VPN safe? No, not really. If you’re concerned about your online safety and security, it’s best to look for another VPN. 

Visit TouchVPN

Privacy and Logging Policy 

As mentioned previously in this Touch VPN review, its privacy policy hasn’t been updated in years. It’s completely outdated, and not to say very confusing. The most concerning thing is that Touch VPN monitors all your online activity and logs it.

Some of the information that it will collect includes: 

  • Your IP address 
  • Browser type 
  • Access time and date 
  • Webpages you visit and how long you stay on them 
  • Unique device identifier 

Your personal and other information can be shared with third parties without your consent if this is required by law. So, if you want to ensure your anonymity online, look for other options


Unfortunately, Touch VPN doesn’t support P2P activity, so this isn’t a VPN for you if you were hoping to use it to keep your torrenting activity hidden.

It is one of the most significant downsides of Touch VPN, especially now that the worldwide governments are shutting down many major torrenting sites. 

The lack of essential support for P2P activities, invasive policy, and nearly zero security makes it a bad choice for torrenting activities. However, we won’t blame Touch VPN to fail on this front as torrenting is banned by most governments.


If you’ve been hoping to stream your favorite series on Netflix through Touch VPN, you’re out of luck. Touch VPN will NOT provide you access to Netflix, nor will you be able to watch protected content on YouTube. 

We tested Touch VPN Chrome to find out whether or not it can unblock Netflix. Sadly, it wasn’t able to unblock Netflix US. The same was the case with Netflix UK. Not only Netflix, but it also fails to unblock other key streaming services like BBC player and Amazon Prime as well. 

We tested the Touch VPN Chrome extension to find out if it unblocks BBC iPlayer or Netflix on a desktop computer. You will be out of luck if you’re eyeing to unblock geo-restricted content. One can put security at stake if quality content is at disposal. But, Touch VPN disappointed us big time.

Customer Support 

It will be difficult getting in contact with Touch VPN’s customer support. You can only reach them via email.

Finding that email is trickier than it’s supposed to be.

Believe it or not, it’s included in the privacy policy. Responses from customer support are rather fast, but they’re not helpful as all answers were very vague. Overall, customer support is not all that great. 

Final Verdict 

If you’re interested in ensuring online anonymity, security, and privacy, and if you want to stream shows on Netflix or use torrenting sites, Touch VPN is not for you. There are more free VPNs on the market that offer secure and anonymous browsing.

Here are the pros and cons that I’ve found out:

✔️ Free to use ✗ Outdated privacy policy 
✔️ Good download and upload speed on Chrome  ✗ The VPN protocol it uses isn’t secure  
✔️ User-friendly apps  ✗ Monitors and logs your online behavior 
  ✗ Torrenting isn’t allowed 

The outdated privacy policy, logging, and overall inadequacy of this VPN is disappointing.

It’s much better not to use a VPN at all than to risk giving out your personal information. Instead, we would highly recommend using CyberGhost VPN for these purposes

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