Change Pokemon GO location with a VPN

From the very first day of its launch, Pokemon GO took the world by storm. Quickly, its player database reached 28.5 million in the US alone. It was launched in July 2016 and is still loved by many.

We won’t be surprised if you say you lost track of time while playing Pokemon GO because this game is too thrilling. But sadly, not everyone in the world can experience the thrill and excitement as certain features and versions of Pokemon GO are geo-restricted.

If you want to avoid facing this hassle, you must learn about the Pokemon GO GPS spoof. This post will help you understand ‘How to spoof Pokemon GO’ with the help of a VPN and enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience.

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How Can a VPN Help to Change Regions in Pokemon GO?

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The basic principle of putting geo-restrictions on games, movies, and any other tool & software is to track the IP address of the end-users and block the access if it’s coming from restricted regions.

IP address features current location details, and internet or service providers permit services and games accordingly. So, if you want to eliminate geo-restrictions on Pokemon GO or any other tool, the ideal move to make here is to use a VPN that will provide a different IP address and mask the real IP address.

VPN servers are present worldwide, and you can pick the IP address of the country where Pokemon GO is available without any restrictions. You can spoof the Pokemon GO location and access it from anywhere.

Along with masking the real IP address and providing the IP address of your choice, a reliable VPN also adds powerful encryption to the internet connection and ensures you’re not the target of hackers and cybercriminals. It’s a double win for VPN users.

But there is one thing to keep in mind. A VPN alone is insufficient to change the location as the game tracks geo-location alongside the IP address. Hence, the support of a geo-spoofing app is a must if you want to change your Pokemon GO location. Club these two tools, and you’re free from geo-restrictions.

How to Change Pokemon GO GPS Location with a VPN?

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With a quality VPN like ExpressVPN, you can easily spoof the Pokemon GO location, access the game in any region, enjoy all the premium features, and download the game without restrictions.

Pokemon GO iOS spoof is easy with ExpressVPN and hardly requires any expert assistance. But how to go about that? Well, the next section of the post will explain how to spoof Pokemon GO iOS (VPN iPhone) and spoof Pokemon GO Android (VPN Android) with ExpressVPN.

Spoof Pokemon GO Android (Google Play Store) or iOS (iTunes)

Let’s start spoofing the location on Android devices in case you use an Android phone.

Choose your ExpressVPN plan

  • Step #2: Get the best GPS spoofing app from the Google Play Store and install it. Some apps might ask for rooting or jailbreak of your Android device. Hence, make a wise choice. Get the app and complete the setup.
  • Step#3: Once the app setup is complete, open ExpressVPN and pick a server of your choice. Make sure your GPS location and server location match to avoid a ban.

Once the app set-up completes, open ExpressVPN and pick a server of your choice

  • Step #4: Play the game online or download it on the device from the new virtual location for Pokemon GO.

Play the game online or download it on the device from the new virtual location for Pokemon GO - ExpressVPN

Isn’t it as easy as clapping? Yes, it is. ExpressVPN comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, there is nothing to worry about.

Best VPNs for Pokemon GO Spoof

You will succeed in the ‘How to spoof in Pokemon GO’ search only if you have the aid of the best Pokemon GO VPN. Here are some of the best options available.


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We have already explained that everything about this VPN is fantastic. Be it server coverage or security features, you will have the best VPN assistance by your side if you pick ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN offers support for almost every leading device. Hence, you can enjoy secured internet access everywhere.

ExpressVPN supports a wide range of security protocols and is packed with features like a kill switch, IP leak & DNS leak protection, double VPN, and server switch. It supports streaming and torrenting as well. Try it once, and then only you can discover why the world is going ga-ga.

Get the Best Deal on ExpressVPN


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Try Privado with the premium GPS spoofing app and enjoy a lagging-free experience. It is one of the fastest and most premium VPN services to own that will help you improve safety and user-friendliness. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and will allow you to download torrents of your choice. It has an in-built kill switch as well.

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CyberGhost VPN logo

A no-log VPN with robust security features, CyberGhost has a highly advanced encoded tunnel to protect the traffic. It can back the device with powerful encryption as you surf, message, download, and stream. When it comes to a money-back guarantee, CyberGhost wins the war, as it comes with a 45-day long money-back guarantee.

Get the Best Deal on CyberGhost


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This Panama-based VPN is great for hiding real IP addresses or actual locations. It helps you access locations in 59 countries with powerful AES-256 encryption. It comes with a NordLynx tunneling protocol to provide a lagging-free gaming experience. It has dedicated app support for many devices, including routers and gaming consoles. Hence, you don’t have to worry about anything. Every app comes with a straightforward setup and installation process.

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VeePN is worth a try to change location while playing Pokemon GO, as the VPN can protect 10 devices at a time with robust security features. It even works on the router. With a user-friendly interface and useful security protocols, this VPN will help you access Pokemon GO anywhere.

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Top GPS Spoofing Apps

Double up your success chances to spoof Pokemon GO by clubbing VPN with the Pokemon Go GPS spoofing app. The below-mentioned apps are doing great work and are recommended by experts.

#1 – Dr.Fone-iOS

Want to change the Pokemon GO location without compromising the device’s security? Try Dr.Fone for iOS devices. It has a user-friendly interface that will help you have a smooth location spoofing experience.

#2 – iOS Roaming Guide

Your hunt for an ideal Pokemon GO location spoofing app for iOS ends at iOS Roaming Guide, as this is an easy-to-use app with powerful security. Even if it’s a free app, its offering is no less than premium apps. However, it will need the support of Cydia to remain functional.

#3 – iTools by ThinkSky – iOS

Another GPS spoofing app for iOS, iTools, is packed with features and won’t force you to jailbreak the device. It’s a reliable and straightforward tool to use.

#4 – Fake GPS Location Spoofer

Try this fake GPS location app when you need to spoof Pokemon Go Android. It’s a freemium tool with free and paid versions. Either way, you will be able to enjoy excellent GPS spoofing.

#5 – GPS Emulator

This one is also the right choice if you need to change the Pokemon GO location on an Android device. Its mapping system is robust and comes with sound features. Its premium users will have no dearth of advanced spoofing features.

Pokémon GO Spoofing Apps to Avoid at All Costs

It’s a shared challenge, the struggle with restricted Pokemon GO locations. You’re not alone in this. Many others are grappling with the same issue. To address this, numerous Pokémon GO spoofing apps have emerged—some effective, some not so much. We’ve taken the time to test many of them and have handpicked a few that we believe are worth your consideration.

When it comes to spoofing Pokemon GO, the choice of app is crucial. It’s important to steer clear of certain spoofing apps as much as possible, as they can pose significant risks to your gaming experience.

#1 – Tutu App

Don’t make the mistake of laying your faith in the Tutu app, which is nothing but a shady app with poor performance. On the App Store, it only has 1 star, which explains its trustworthiness.

It’s often observed that the app leaks sensitive information to the users, which is like inviting trouble. By all means, the Tutu app is not worthy of your trust.

#2 – Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free

Ironically, its name explains what this spoofing app does. To be honest, it’s an app offering no features or facilities. It demands rooting and always forwards your request to a website that will ask for payment. Everything about this GPS location spoofing website is fake and shady.

A Redditor tried, but it doesn’t seem to work.

#3 – PokeGo++

It’s not available in the Google Play Store or the App Store because it’s not a legitimate app. Try downloading it from the APK file, and you will be in great trouble as the file is heavily manifested with malware and viruses. All in all, the app is a trouble for sure.

You must avoid these three worst geo-spoofing apps at any cost, but the list of such apps is more exhaustive than this. There are many other apps that only offer trouble.

The key identifiers for such apps are poor reviews, no availability on the app store, asking for risky permission, too many ads, multiple redirects, and data logging. If any app has all these characteristics, stay away from them.

Pokemon GO Location Spoofing not Working with a VPN – Reason and Resolution

Even if you have your hands on the best VPN to spoof the Pokemon GO location, things don’t always work out. ‘error 12: failed to detect location’ is a widespread error that Pokemon GO players face while trying to geo spoof the location.

The reasons behind this error include the following –

  • The Find My Device feature is enabled on the device
  • The device is not receiving the GPS signals
  • The device doesn’t have Mock Location disabled
  • The VPN you’re using is leaking the IP address

If you’re also facing this error, here is how you can fix the issue –

  • Disable the location services on the device and restart it once again. Go to the Setting and Location option. Disable the location services and enable them again. Check if the error persists.
  • Clear the saved cache and data in your game. Too much cache saving will make things difficult for you.
  • Try connecting to a different VPN server. At times, a few servers are down and won’t work appropriately. Switch the server, and this problem should be resolved.
  • Once the VPN connection is established and the problem still exists, try activating the IP leak feature.
  • If nothing works, the last resort here is to change the VPN provider.

Can I Change the Pokemon GO Location With A Free VPN?

We understand that having the aid of a free VPN sounds very lucrative, as you don’t have to make any investments to enjoy IP address masking. But, honestly speaking, free VPNs are of no good. The kind of robust performance required to mock location to geo-spoof Pokemon GO is not at all present in a free VPN.

For instance, it won’t have a wide server network, so you get new location accessibility to access restricted Pokemon GO. Also, free VPNs lack encryption and security features that are recommended to make online gaming less risky.

To make things worse, there are incidences of keeping end-user logs in the history. Possibilities are very high that what you do online will be recorded and leaked to 3rd parties to earn some money.

Free VPNs are often home for trackers. Hence, ad annoyance is very high in such VPNs. You won’t be able to play your favorite game without any restrictions. Overall, a free VPN is not a tool to pick if you want to access working Pokemon GO in restricted areas.

The best alternative here is to become a premium user of a paid VPN and avail yourself of the free trial facility. Most reliable VPNs offer a guaranteed money-back facility, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

As discussed above, ExpressVPN is a great option to try when you want to spoof the Pokemon GO location. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you’re not impressed with its performance, which is very rare, you can claim you’re your money back.

Concluding Words

‘How to spoof in Pokemon GO without getting banned’ is the most searched query amongst Pokemon GO players, as location restrictions run the gaming experience. While looking for fake GPS location apps, make sure you are also using a Pokemon GO VPN. When paired intelligently, these two will help you play Pokemon GO without any hassles.

We discussed some of the best fake GPS location apps and VPNs for Android and iOS devices. Give them a try, and enjoy working Pokemon GO in different locations.

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